Buyer & Tenant Services

Whether a commercial real estate investor, and owner/occupier or a tenant, ownership or occupancy of a building reflects an investment in that property that is expected to perform at the highest possible level. The LS Commercial agents hold a wealth of knowledge in the nuanced commercial markets, including surface and subsurface industrial, office and retail expertise. Experience, historical and geographic market performance perspective, and the ingenuity and ability to adapt to an ever changing market.

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Unmatched Buyer and Tenant Representation services available

Socioeconomic conditions, past and present, give LS Commercial unmatched insight into both present and future growth markets and allows them to place Buyers and Tenants in not just a suitable building, but the building best situated to achieve a clients present and future successes.

In order to best serve a client and provide them with the same level of trust and confidence in investment LS requires itself to hold(Ls being an active commercial investor/owner for the 30 year life of the company) LS Commercial strives to know more of the client’s goals, dreams, aspirations, needs and desires, than the client does of itself. This allows LS Commercial to provide a volume of prospective properties that include properties that go unnoticed by less attentive brokers.